Weight Management

Mindful Eating vs. Dieting

The word “diet” is often linked with restrictive eating — no white foods, no carbs, no fat — and the list goes on. Unfortunately, such restrictive eating patterns often backfire, creating a destructive cycle of bad feelings and negativity. Truth is, the word “diet” encompasses all of the foods and …

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Healthy Lifestyle
How to Avoid Accidental Overeating

7 Tips To Avoid Accidental Overeating

Chances are, you know what it’s like to stretch your stomach past its limit, perhaps without even realizing it. Maybe you’ve opened a supersized bag of chips and nibbled through the entire package. Or maybe you’ve caved in to your sweet tooth and eaten a whole pint of ice cream. …

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Working on Your Health

5 Ways to Make New Habits Stick

There’s nothing quite as appealing as a fresh start. That’s why, every New Year, we tell ourselves we’re going to—finally–embark on the path to the very best version of ourselves. We’ll exercise every day, keep up with our heart healthy diet and drink more water (but for real, this time). …

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Reaching Your Health Goals
health coaching

What is Health Coaching and Could It Help You?

While many of us set big goals for ourselves around health, fitness and well-being, research shows nearly 80 percent of us fail to see them through. While we’re quick to call ourselves failures (we’re not!) or to assume we lack willpower (we don’t!), the real problem is that we lack …

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Eating Healthy
Salad Saviors

Salad Saviors: Power Foods for Your Greens

From the base to the fixins’, there are lots of ways to supercharge your salad. You just have to know where to start. Here are some must-have power foods to never leave off of your lettuce: The base: A good rule of thumb when choosing a base lettuce for your …

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Weight Loss Tips
10 Ways to Uncover Hidden Calories

10 Ways to Cut Hidden Calories from Your Day

Compared to other countries, America is obsessed with food. Our value-based culture supersizes convenience foods, multitasks through meals and keeps snacks on hand to devour when hunger — or boredom — strikes. In fact, food plays a starring role in nearly everything we do, even at the office. Of course, …

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Dining Out
How to Eat Healthy With New Restaurant Menu Labeling Laws

How to Eat Healthy With New Restaurant Menu Labeling Laws

Dining out can be a dietary disaster. Restaurant meals tend to be loaded with calories, fat and sodium. Even seemingly healthy dishes like salads and vegetarian meals can be suspect. That’s a problem since surveys consistently show that Americans typically dine out several times a week. The good news: On …

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Staying Hydrated

Easy, Refreshing Infused-Water Recipes

Experts recommended drinking 48 to 64 ounces of water a day to keep yourself hydrated and your body functioning at its best. If you ever struggle to get yourself to drink that much every day or just find plain water a little boring, try infusing your water with fresh produce …

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Fitness Tips
beginning runners

Your First 5K: Training Tips for Beginning Runners

If you’ve been inactive for weeks, months, or maybe even your entire life, committing to run a 5K may seem like a pipe dream. But this news might help get you moving: Regular exercise not only improves emotional health and well-being, but the latest research suggests it can add years …

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Weight Loss Advice

Filling Foods: What to Eat to Stay Full

What we eat — and how much we eat — is a product of physical hunger, and the amount of time between when you’re full and when you’re hungry again. And sometimes, well, we just want ice cream! Environmental cues (like the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies), social …

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