Stroke Awareness

Dystextia: Garbled Texts May be a Sign of Stroke

We’ve probably all chuckled at those funny examples of “autocorrect gone bad,” where a text someone sent to a family member causes embarrassment due to its unintended meaning. And we’ve surely all received a text message that had confusing abbreviations or typing errors that make you pause and reply to …

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Stroke Awareness Month
Timing: Surviving and Thriving After a Stroke

It’s All About Time: Surviving & Thriving After a Stroke

When someone is experiencing stroke symptoms, time is of the essence. “During a stroke, the brain loses seven million neurons a minute. When brain cells die, permanent damage can occur, so there is no time to lose in seeking medical treatment,” says stroke neurologist Panayiotis Mitsias, M.D. “At the first …

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Healthy Lifestyles

Thirdhand Smoke: More Danger When You Light Up

You may have heard of secondhand smoke, but did you know that smoke can be thirdhand? Roughly 42 million Americans use tobacco, but millions of nonsmokers are being affected, too. Here’s what you need to know to protect you and your family: Secondhand Smoke vs. Thirdhand Smoke: What’s the Difference? …

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Lung Health

Raise the Smoking Age to 21? What the Experts Say

In 31 years of practicing medicine as a lung specialist, you see more than your share of evidence of the harmful effects of smoking. That’s why Henry Ford pulmonologist Daniel Ouellette, M.D., is adding his voice to the growing group of physicians, researchers and public health officials who advocate for …

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