Fitness Trends
high intensity interval training

5 Perks of High-Intensity Interval Training

Workout trends seem to come and go in cycles, just like fashion. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a prime example. HIIT programs combine short bursts of high-intensity exercise with periods of low-intensity activity that allow for partial recovery. This approach to fitness dates back decades. While its cycle back …

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Sports Psychology

7 Tips for Recovering Mentally After a Sports Injury

Everyone loves a good comeback story — especially in the world of sports. Take, for example, Tiger Woods and his problematic back or Tom Brady and his recovery from a torn ACL and MCL to win multiple super bowls. Tales like theirs are celebrated season after season as models of …

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Sports Injury

Shin Splints: What You Need to Know

If your shins throb when you’re running — or even while standing for too long in one place. It could be a familiar culprit: shin splints. The term refers to an aching sensation along the shin bone, which runs down the front of your lower leg. And according to David Tomsich, …

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Raising Healthy Kids & Teens
Preventing sports injuries

Got an Active Kid? How to Prevent Sports Injuries

Participating in sports provide so many benefits to kids and teens. There are the obvious benefits of physical fitness and promoting regular exercise. Then, there are also the character-building lessons learned from being part of a team, working hard toward a goal, celebrating tough competition, and gracefully accepting defeat. But …

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Fitness Tips & Tricks
Medicine Ball Workout

Medicine Ball Workouts: Pros and Cons

From the ThighMaster to Buns of Steel videos to step aerobics, most workout trends and tools come and go with the times. But for years, one piece of equipment has remained popular with athletes, physical therapists, trainers and other fitness professionals: the medicine ball. They’re pretty similar to old-school balls …

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Staying Fit
walking for health

10 Ways To Walk Your Way To Better Health

Think walking doesn’t pack as much of a punch as other workouts? Think again. A recent Harvard University study found that 2.5 hours of brisk walking each week could extend your life by up to seven years. Seven years! In fact, research shows that the list of health benefits you …

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Raising Healthy Kids
How to Keep Your Kids Active During Cold Weather

How to Keep Your Kids Active During Cold Weather

Across the state, below freezing temperatures are predicted for the next few days. With the expected wind chill, many schools have already canceled classes so kids, parents and teachers won’t have to brave the cold. When you’ve got your children in the house all day long, it can be a …

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Sports Injury & Performance
Kinesiology tape: Help or Hype?

Kinesiology Tape: Help or Hype?

If you’re suffering from an injury, you may benefit from a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t even require popping a pill: kinesiology tape. “Unlike athletic tape, which limits motion, kinesiology tape is designed to make movement easier by reducing pain,” says Kristin Levin, certified athletic trainer with Henry Ford Health System. …

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Exercise Tips
Best Fitness Advice from 2018

The Year’s Top Fitness Advice

We all know how important exercise is to maintaining health, and that the benefits range from a leaner physique to improved mood and sleep. Research study after research study also highlight how staying active helps you prevent or manage the symptoms of numerous conditions, including high blood pressure, type 2 …

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Fitness Tips & Tricks
Stair Workout

Mastering Your Stair Workout

You don’t need fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership to work your muscles to their maximum potential. Instead, if you have a set of stairs at your disposal (and a little creativity) you can use them to build strength, endurance and overall fitness. The change in elevation you get …

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