Recovering from Sports Injury
Hot or Cold Therapy for Muscle Injury?

Hot or Cold Therapy: What’s Best for Muscle Recovery?

When your muscles are overworked and in need of some tender loving care, it’s not uncommon to seek comfort and healing in cold or hot treatments. In fact, for centuries doctors have been using extreme temperatures to ease pain and speed recovery. Which temp is best for your particular needs? …

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Sports Medicine

Referred Pain: What’s the Source of Your Sports Injury?

You might have heard the term “referred pain,” but maybe you don’t know what it really means. And for good reason; it’s a confusing concept. Referred pain is feeling the sensation of pain in a different location than where you sustained an injury. While scientists aren’t entirely clear about how …

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Exercise Tips
How Setting Fitness Goals Can Motivate You

The Benefits of Setting Fitness Goals

It’s not uncommon for people to start an exercise regimen with some external prompting. Maybe it’s the number you see on the scale, a routine doctor’s visit, or running out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs. Whatever the reason, the right kind of goal setting is critical when …

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Staying Fit

How I Stay Active: 6 Health Experts Share Exercise Routines

It feels like summertime in Michigan and it’s almost officially here, which means more people are headed outdoors as a welcome change to their exercise routines. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior or can’t remember the last time you wore tennis shoes to do something active, this …

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Fitness Advice

Is Fitness Testing Right for Me?

Many athletes have questioned if their exercise program was working at some point in their training. Should they be doing more of a particular kind of exercise to enhance their performance? Is there a way they could better achieve the results they desire? From high-performance endurance athletes to weekend warriors …

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