Reproductive Health

Infertility 101: When It’s Time to See a Specialist

Pregnancy doesn’t always happen on the first try — or the second or the third. But as the months go by and you still aren’t pregnant, you may wonder whether you need expert advice. Playing the Waiting Game If you haven’t been able to get pregnant after trying for a …

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Winter Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder – Beating the Winter Blues

Winter is a special season for many people – pretty snow dusting the landscape, curling up inside with a good book or taking advantage of winter sports. For others, the cold months trigger more than a hankering for hot cocoa and a warm fire. They can bring on a condition …

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Understanding Hypertension

What Does Salt Have To Do With Blood Pressure?

February is American Heart Month, so you may be hearing a lot in the media about high blood pressure, among other factors, that contribute to your risk for heart disease. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is crucial to sustaining the vitality of your organs and body systems. And yet, more …

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The Wellness Journey

What Does It Mean to Live Well?

For over 30 years, prevention and wellness have been a focus of mine – whether serving as a physician, academician, researcher, policy influencer or Michigan’s first Surgeon General. During my tenure, I have had opportunity to speak about what it means to live well. One key point I have conveyed …

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Arthritis Relief
Lifting weights

Five Ways to Ease Arthritis

Osteoarthritis—the most common form of arthritis—can make it difficult for you to perform even simple everyday activities, such as getting up from a chair or dressing. Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that occurs mainly in older people, according to rheumatologist Donard Haggins, M.D. It develops when the cartilage—the tissue covering …

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Winter Fitness

Stay in Shape While Staying Indoors

You may love gazing at the snowflakes, but trekking through the slush is another story. There are safer ways to get a winter workout—by staying indoors. Find Fitness Indoors It’s always smart to get your doctor’s approval before you start an exercise program, says Michael Dunn, M.D. This is especially …

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Easy Mealtime Brain-Boosters

Good nutrition is important to our brains at any age. But as we get older, we need to pay special attention to brain-boosting foods — such as blueberries, spinach and salmon — that may help ward off problems like dementia The brain can’t store a lot of energy — it …

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Cancer Prevention

What You Eat May Affect Your Risk of Cancer

The power to help prevent cancer may be on your dinner plate, says Henry Ford Health System family medicine doctor Eshel Turk, M.D. Making the right food choices actually can help reduce your risk for several cancers. Follow these healthy eating strategies to get the most from your diet. Increase …

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A Simple Solution to Healthier Meals

When it comes to healthy eating, it’s out with the old and in with the new, according to family medicine doctor Kimberly M. Winston-Matthews, M.D. MyPlate is a tool from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help you put together healthier meals for your family. It replaced the Food …

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Mind and Body

Workstation Stretching

Stretching is an easy, fast and effective way to rejuvenate your mind and body. It alleviates tension and stress in your muscles, making you feel more rested, alert and ready to take on the day! Even better, there are even some stretches that you can do at your workspace or …

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