Women's Health
New generation of period products

A New Generation of Products for Your Period

Navigating your monthly cycle can be a nuisance — cramps, irritability and cravings are all par for the course. Plus, the products women use to keep their periods under control present another set of problems. “Conventional feminine hygiene products, including pads and tampons, often contain dioxins from bleach, fragrance for …

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Recovering from Injury
Self-Care for low back pain

Simple Self-Care Tips for Low Back Pain

If you have ever helped a friend move, planted a garden or tried a new sport, chances are you have experienced some level of back pain. Low back pain is a common complaint for many adults, affecting up to 80 percent of American adults at some point. Thankfully, some simple …

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Aging Well
Memory Loss: Is It Normal Forgetfulness or Dementia?

Memory Loss: Is It Normal Forgetfulness or Dementia?

Memory loss due to aging is a concern for many of us. You may wonder what’s a “normal” amount of forgetfulness to experience on a day-to-day basis and what is a warning sign of something more serious, like the onset of dementia. “It is important to know that dementia, or …

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Growing Your Own Food
Boy holding radishes in garden; how to start a home garden

How to Start a Home Garden (And Why You Should)

People who grow their own food often insist that it tastes better than the store-bought variety — and for good reason. Food that is grown locally and eaten within hours of being harvested is at its peak in terms of flavor and nutrients. Plus, gardening can be fun for the whole …

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Managing Stress

Can Clearing Out Clutter Boost Your Mental Health?

Marie Kondo has received a lot of attention in recent months with her conviction that clearing out clutter can somehow clean up your life. The gist: Purge the items you don’t use regularly and only hang on to the things that “spark joy.” It might sound gimmicky, but a growing …

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Staying Active

How Dancing Improves Overall Health

Humans have recognized the power of dance for centuries. We dance to celebrate a union, a birth or rites of passage; sometimes it’s also a form of prayer. But until recently, scientists didn’t realize that the health benefits of dancing include physiological and emotional perks beyond what you might get …

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Men's Health
How to Ask Awkward Questions about men's health

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Awkward Men’s Health Issues

Talking about sensitive topics doesn’t come easily to every guy. When the conversation centers on health — especially when chatting with a doctor — many men become even more reluctant to speak up. But according to Ali Dabaja, M.D., a urologist and men’s health expert at Henry Ford Health System, …

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Medication Safety

Empty That Medicine Cabinet: Safe Medication Storage Tips

Modern medications can remedy a range of ailments — from reducing the symptoms of the common cold to regulating blood pressure or making chronic pain manageable. Taken as directed or prescribed, they can help us enjoy better health and an improved quality of life. To ensure your medicines can work …

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Eating Healthfully

The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Cooking Methods

Healthy eating isn’t only about the ingredients you choose. It’s also about how you prepare your food. Focusing on healthy cooking methods helps food retain more nutrients and introduces fewer toxins than deep-frying or blackening. Do’s and Don’ts for Clean Eating Whether you’re firing up the grill or stir-frying on …

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Managing Symptoms

7 Remedies for Taming Nausea

At one time or another, most people have been struck by nausea. Some are queasy from chemotherapy. Others are experiencing a reaction to food, drugs, stress or motion sickness. Still others are pregnant moms suffering from around-the-clock morning sickness.   “Nausea has literally hundreds of causes,” explains Cynthia Ulreich, NP, …

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