Nutrition and Kids
When Your Kid Wants to Go Vegan

When Your Kid Wants To Go Vegan

When your kid says, “Mom, I want to be a vegan,” alarm bells might sound in your head. What if he’s not getting enough protein for his activities? Will she get enough iron to support her growing body? Since a vegan diet excludes all animal products, including meat, fish, poultry, …

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Food As Medicine
Inflammation and Your Diet: What's the Connection?

Inflammation and Your Diet: What’s the Connection?

Seemingly every day, a new headline suggests inflammation is the root cause of disease. And while some inflammation is necessary – and healthy – most Americans are battling chronic inflammation, which isn’t healthy. If you get injured or sick, your immune system launches an inflammatory response for protection. Trouble is, …

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Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Overindulged Over the Holidays? How to Reset

Overindulged for the Holidays? How to Reset

If holiday potlucks and parties and the seemingly endless tables of appetizers, buffets and desserts gave you the gifts of stomach distress, weight gain and a general feeling of, “Why did I do that? Again?” don’t let it ruin your New Year. Maria Conley, a registered dietitian nutritionist with the …

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