Women's Health Tips
What to Eat (or Not) During Menopause

What To Eat (or Not) During Menopause

Most women agree, menopause is no picnic. Just as shifting hormones can lead to acne and mood swings during puberty, they can also wreak havoc on body and mind when estrogen levels decline. What Happens During Menopause During menopause, women tend to gain fat while simultaneously losing muscle mass. But …

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Nutrition Advice
A Purist's Guide to Juicing

A Purist’s Guide to Juicing

Juicing has exploded over the past decade as people become busier than ever and often skimp on sit-down meals. The goal: Gulp down solid nutrition on the go in just a few minutes. “People think they can just drink their fruits and vegetables instead of eating them,” explains Halle Saperstein, …

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Healthy Holidays
How to Have a Healthy Potluck

Potlucks: How to Celebrate the Healthy Way

Potlucks are common this time of year. Unfortunately, they also tend to be dietary landmines. Salads are topped with creamy dressings, baked potatoes are piled with cheese and sour cream, and most casseroles are high in cream, cheese and salt. “Potluck meals can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to …

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Eating Healthy
Are Fast Casual Restaurants Healthier Than Fast Food?

Are “Fast Casual” Restaurants Healthier Than Fast Food?

The popularity of fast casual dining spots, like Panera or Chipotle, may be because they seem to offer healthier options compared to your traditional fast food places. Let’s face it, a sandwich or wrap seems better for you than a burger and fries from the nearest drive-thru. Plus, when most …

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Healthy Snacking
Protein Bars

How To Choose A (Truly) Healthy Protein Bar

Walk down any grocery store aisle, and you’re bound to find a product that looks much healthier than it is in reality. Example: protein bars. Despite the marketing lingo touting their nutritional value (Organic! All natural! Packed with protein!), some varieties can contain more sugar than a candy bar. Still, …

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Raising Healthy Kids

5 Ways to Cook with Your Kids (& Why You Should)

Eating nutritious foods is one of the best ways to live a healthy lifestyle, but as many parents know, getting kids excited about food that is good for them can be a challenge. Halle Saperstein, a registered dietitian at Henry Ford Health System, encourages parents to let kids get involved …

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