Understanding Your Health
Dietary Supplement Safety

Supplement Safety: Is Your Multivitamin Really Boosting Your Health?

With the population aging and an increasing number of people facing chronic conditions ranging from heart disease and diabetes to cancer and autoimmune issues, consumers are increasingly hitting the health food store in search of a magic pill to cure what ails them. About one out of three Americans report …

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Nutrition and Kids
When Your Kid Wants to Go Vegan

When Your Kid Wants To Go Vegan

When your kid says, “Mom, I want to be a vegan,” alarm bells might sound in your head. What if he’s not getting enough protein for his activities? Will she get enough iron to support her growing body? Since a vegan diet excludes all animal products, including meat, fish, poultry, …

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Health Trends

Is Activated Charcoal Safe? 6 Facts About This Health Trend

Activated charcoal may sound like a funny thing to put on your plate or lather on your face, but recently, it’s been appearing in everything from waffles and smoothies to face wash and toothpaste. Why? Many users believe the black powder can brighten teeth, temper body odor and help the …

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Food As Medicine
Inflammation and Your Diet: What's the Connection?

Inflammation and Your Diet: What’s the Connection?

Seemingly every day, a new headline suggests inflammation is the root cause of disease. And while some inflammation is necessary – and healthy – most Americans are battling chronic inflammation, which isn’t healthy. If you get injured or sick, your immune system launches an inflammatory response for protection. Trouble is, …

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Taking Charge of Your Health
A Woman's Guide to Wellness: Advice for Every Age & Stage

A Woman’s Guide to Wellness at Every Age

Whether you’re a man or a woman, aging is inevitable. Unfortunately, many women aren’t tuned in to the changes that take place in both body and mind as the years go by. Plus, women tend to spend much of their lives caring for others — partners, kids and eventually, parents …

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Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Overindulged Over the Holidays? How to Reset

Overindulged for the Holidays? How to Reset

If holiday potlucks and parties and the seemingly endless tables of appetizers, buffets and desserts gave you the gifts of stomach distress, weight gain and a general feeling of, “Why did I do that? Again?” don’t let it ruin your New Year. Maria Conley, a registered dietitian nutritionist with the …

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Healthy Habits

Want to Age Gracefully? Adopt These Habits Now

The concept that “good genes” are the key to aging gracefully is simply not true. There’s a lot you can do to stay in top shape as you get older. In fact, the real secrets to avoiding chronic illness, having a good quality of life and maintaining your appearance lie in simple …

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Functional Medicine

Video: What is Gut Health?

Have you heard the term “gut health” and wondered what it meant? There are trillions of bacteria found in the digestive system, which make up your gut, and imbalances of these bacteria can cause chronic body inflammation. Increasingly, studies show that chronic inflammation leads to poor health in a variety …

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Nutrition Advice
Alternative Diets: What You Need to Know Before Going Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free or Raw

Alternative Diets: What You Need to Know

Eating specialized or alternative diets has been trending in the dietary space for decades. With promises of everything from a slimmer figure and younger-looking skin to optimal health and longevity (some of which may be true, some just hype), it’s no wonder so many Americans are eliminating problem foods from …

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Staying in Balance

Probiotics and More: How Healthy Bacteria Helps Your Gut

While bacteria may be best known for causing sickness, it turns out they’re also vital to preventing it, and improving overall health and well-being. In fact, a normal healthy digestive system boasts an estimated 100 trillion microorganisms representing more than 500 different species—that’s our gut microbiome. Now, a growing body …

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