Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea: 5 Alternatives to CPAP

For an activity humans do every night, sleeping can be a difficult routine to master. But for many people — especially chronic snorers or those with sleep apnea — getting an adequate night’s rest presents an even greater challenge. The most common fix: a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device. …

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Skin Conditions

What Are Keloids?

Your skin puts up with a lot, whether you realize it or not. Day-to-day cuts, scrapes and bruises, an accidental burn from the curling iron, a nick from shaving, an ingrown hair, a new tattoo, an acne breakout … The body’s natural reaction to cuts, pokes and trauma to the …

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Managing Symptoms
Chronic Runny Nose

6 Things You Should Know About Chronic Runny Nose

Hitting the sales to stock up on tissues? Constant sniffing and wiping? Wondering if you’re going to need to leave a meeting or social event because your nose is running? A chronic runny nose is more than an annoyance. It can significantly affect your quality of life. “People with a …

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Sleep Issues
6 Ways to Stop Snoring

6 Ways To Stop Snoring

Everyone knows that getting a quality night’s sleep can be a game changer. Studies consistently show that clocking in a solid seven to nine hours (the recommended shut-eye for adults, according to the National Sleep Foundation) can lead to improvements in mental health, physical health, brain function and more. But …

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Understanding Symptoms
Is It Vertigo? Dizziness Explained

Is It Vertigo? Possible Causes of Dizziness Explained

We may not think of it this way, but standing on two feet is complicated business. When you’re feeling unexpectedly dizzy, off-balance or lightheaded, though, you start to appreciate the normally invisible “sixth sense” of balance. Because being in balance happens “automatically” for most of us, we don’t realize what …

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Proper Safety Precautions
Protect Your Hearing This Summer

Summer Gets Loud: How to Protect Your Hearing

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy. But outdoor activities can lead to noise-induced hearing loss if you are not careful. People of all ages should take extra precautions to protect their hearing during the summer months. When the weather is warm, our natural inclination is to go outside. However, …

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What Is Dysphonia?
Lost Your Voice? Understanding Chronic Hoarseness

Lost Your Voice? What to Do About Chronic Hoarseness

Whether it’s right before a work presentation or an audition for NBC’s The Voice, losing your ability to talk (or sing) can be a stressful ­— and sometimes painful ­— experience. But for people with dysphonia, defined loosely as hoarseness, losing your voice can be a longer lasting condition. “Dysphonia …

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Solutions for Hearing Loss
Are Cochlear Implants an Option for You?

Are Cochlear Implants an Option for You?

An alarming number of Americans – 48 million – report some degree of hearing loss. And those figures are likely to skyrocket as the Baby Boomer generation reaches their golden years. The good news: People have more options than ever before to improve their hearing – and improve their quality …

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Cancer Awareness

Did You Know? A Few Facts About Head and Neck Cancer

Cancer of the head and neck is a little known type of cancer but it affects more than 55,000 people in the U.S. each year and accounts for approximately 3 percent of all cancer cases in the country. This type of cancer can occur in the mouth, throat, larynx (voice …

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Understanding Your Body
Could You Have Hearing Problem?

Could You Have a Hearing Problem?

Even the simplest of activities can be challenging if you’ve lost some hearing. Lively dinner conversations, watching your favorite TV programs and catching up with an old friend on the phone can all prove troublesome, even if the hearing loss is mild. Diminished hearing may have emotional consequences too, leaving …

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