Health Questions
5 Signs of a Brain Tumor

5 Symptoms of Brain Tumors

In the medical world, some conditions are harder to spot and explain than others. Such is the case with brain tumors. To date, little is known about what causes certain brain tumors to form. Nor do we fully understand why certain risk factors such as age increase a person’s chance …

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Coping with Cancer

5 Reasons To Get A Second Opinion For Cancer Treatment

When facing a life-changing cancer diagnosis, you’re bound to have a lot of questions. First, there are the emotional ones like What’s going to happen to me? Or How serious is it? And then there are practical matters: Where should I go for treatment? What will I do about insurance? …

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Emerging Healthcare Research

Video: How Precision Medicine Is Changing Cancer Care

People with the same kind of cancer can respond differently to the same treatment. Until recently, doctors and the medical community didn’t fully understand why that happens. However, an evolving field of research in cancer treatment is changing that. Known as precision medicine, doctors are now increasingly able to target …

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