Understanding Heart Risk

Can A Coronary Calcium Scan Save Your Life?

What if there was a way to predict your risk of a heart attack? Would you be more willing to make changes to your lifestyle if you had better insight on your current heart condition? Fortunately, if you have certain health issues that could put you at risk of a …

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How laughter helps your heart health; laughing woman

How Laughter Benefits Your Heart Health

When’s the last time you had a good laugh? Not just a little giggle, but the kind of laugh that makes your abdomen hurt or even tears form in your eyes? Not only does laughter make you feel good, but it is proven to have positive effects on your mental …

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How Emergencies Can Strike
Could Jack on 'This Is Us' Have Been Saved?

Could Jack on ‘This Is Us’ Have Been Saved?

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. “This is Us” fans knew it was coming. The Emmy-award winning television show alluded to beloved father Jack Pearson’s death for months. But was the episode that finally showed how Jack died – from a “widowmaker” heart attack after breathing in smoke trying to rescue the family …

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Understanding Health Risks

Are You in Danger of a Heart Attack?

The unexpected deaths of Fox 2 Detroit news anchor and firefighter Ron Savage and actor Bill Paxton, along with “Biggest Loser” trainer Bob Harper’s recent heart attack, have people asking themselves ‘Could that be me?’ Bob Harper’s career is based on a good diet and exercise. Ron Savage told his …

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