What Is Dysphonia?
Lost Your Voice? Understanding Chronic Hoarseness

Lost Your Voice? What to Do About Chronic Hoarseness

Whether it’s right before a work presentation or an audition for NBC’s The Voice, losing your ability to talk (or sing) can be a stressful ­— and sometimes painful ­— experience. But for people with dysphonia, defined loosely as hoarseness, losing your voice can be a longer lasting condition. “Dysphonia …

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Lung Health

Raise the Smoking Age to 21? What the Experts Say

In 31 years of practicing medicine as a lung specialist, you see more than your share of evidence of the harmful effects of smoking. That’s why Henry Ford pulmonologist Daniel Ouellette, M.D., is adding his voice to the growing group of physicians, researchers and public health officials who advocate for …

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