Understanding Your Mental Health
Is it Depression? Your Questions Answered

Is It Depression? Your Questions Answered

Depression affects an estimated 15 million American adults — many of whom suffer in silence. “Everyone has a down day now and then, but if a depressed mood lasts for at least two weeks and is accompanied by a number of other symptoms, you may have the most common form …

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Mental Health
Coping with a Loss from Suicide

Coping with a Loss From Suicide

Newscasters and viewers of Fox 2 Detroit are reeling after the apparent suicide of meteorologist Jessica Starr, leading many to question how an apparently successful, bubbly wife and mother of two could take her own life. “We have no answers,” said Fox 2 morning host Deena Centofanti, not long after …

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Behaviorial Health
What to Know About Suicide

In the Wake of Tragedy: What to Know About Suicide

The apparent suicide death of New York designer and icon Kate Spade shows suicide is truly an illness that can affect anyone, says a Henry Ford Health System psychiatrist. New York City police told the New York Times Tuesday that Ms. Spade, 55, was discovered unresponsive at a Park Avenue …

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