Maintaining Healthy Relationships

How to Make Friends as an Adult (and Why It Matters)

When you’re a kid, making friends is seamless. You meet at the park or at school, play together and before long, you’ve got a new bestie. Most of us also made friends easily enough in college, or at early jobs, when everyone’s doing the same thing at more or less …

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Managing Chronic Disease

Caring for the Diabetic in Your Life

There’s no reason to sugarcoat it. Caregiving can be overwhelming, particularly when someone you love receives a life-altering diagnosis like diabetes. Not only do you have to ensure your loved one eats right, gets to doctors’ appointments and remembers to take their medications, but often you have to do it …

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The Power of Gratitude

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or waking up to a brand-new day, taking stock of the riches in your life — both big and small — can go a long way toward bolstering health and well-being. Research shows that people who express gratitude are happier, more optimistic, and have stronger immune …

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World Kindness Day

Boost Your Health with Acts of Kindness

World Kindness Day is recognized on November 13 of each year, and on that day, you might think of iconic figures like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. These figures lived their lives in service to others sharing acts of kindness and compassion. What might surprise you, is that research shows …

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Healthy Relationships

Mending Fences After a High-Tension Election

Now that America has chosen a president, it’s time to rebuild relationships affected by one of the most acrimonious elections in modern history, says Henry Ford Health System psychologist Michael Ryan. Dr. Ryan says mending broken fences is possible with a co-worker, family member or friends, starting with empathy. “If …

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Parenting Advice

Bullying Awareness: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Kids

Over the last 10 years, awareness of bullying and cyber-bullying has grown, and parents, schools and communities have worked hard to prevent and address bullying. Some recent studies have shown promise — school-based bullying has decreased for the first time since data have been collected. However, the need for continued …

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Raising Healthy Teens

Drug Use & Teens: 5 Crucial Things Every Parent Can Do

The world of recreational drug use is continually changing. While marijuana and alcohol remain go-to choices for many tweens and teens, a new crop of pharmaceuticals (prescribed and over-the-counter) are also harming students. Inhalants such as glue, aerosols, paint and paint thinners are causing trouble, too. Teens across the nation …

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Raising Healthy Teens
transgender teen

How to Support a Transgender Teen

Parenting teens is never easy. When you’re raising a transgender teen in the midst of a transformation—a change often met with societal or parental resistance—it can be a minefield. But your child needs your support now, more than ever. “We’ve latched on to this idea that gender is fixed, but …

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National Recovery Month

Your Family Member Just Completed Rehab. Now What?

Having a loved one go through a rehabilitation program for substance abuse can be tough – yet it also offers a unique opportunity for a fresh start. The rehab process is a challenging and confusing one for everyone involved, especially so for the patient going through treatment. As the family on …

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Wellness at Work

Reduce Stress: 8 Tips to Zen Your Workspace

If your desk is cluttered with piles of papers, sticky notes, knick-knacks and office supplies, chances are, you’re wasting time, energy and suffering from mental overload. In fact, every distraction—from the stacks of papers on your desk to a ringing phone—can drain your productivity and create undue stress, which can …

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