Recovering from Injury
Self-Care for low back pain

Simple Self-Care Tips for Low Back Pain

If you have ever helped a friend move, planted a garden or tried a new sport, chances are you have experienced some level of back pain. Low back pain is a common complaint for many adults, affecting up to 80 percent of American adults at some point. Thankfully, some simple …

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Fitness Trends
high intensity interval training

5 Perks of High-Intensity Interval Training

Workout trends seem to come and go in cycles, just like fashion. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a prime example. HIIT programs combine short bursts of high-intensity exercise with periods of low-intensity activity that allow for partial recovery. This approach to fitness dates back decades. While its cycle back …

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Preventing Pain & Injury
Woman looking down at phone; demonstrating tech neck

Tech Neck: Is Your Phone Causing You Pain?

With around-the-clock access to smartphones, laptops, tablets and gaming devices, more Americans than ever before are hunching over screens. Yet, our bodies are not designed to spend so much time looking down. All of that screen time often results in neck pain that experts call “tech neck.” “When people look …

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Sports Psychology

7 Tips for Recovering Mentally After a Sports Injury

Everyone loves a good comeback story — especially in the world of sports. Take, for example, Tiger Woods and his problematic back or Tom Brady and his recovery from a torn ACL and MCL to win multiple super bowls. Tales like theirs are celebrated season after season as models of …

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Managing Stress

How to Incorporate Yoga Into Your Daily Life

Magazine photos, TV depictions and even YouTube fitness videos often portray yoga as a practice tailor-made for the young and supple: men and women with beautiful bodies, easily touching their toes and staying focused during a 90-minute workout. That’s not a complete picture, though, according to Julie Levinson, registered yoga …

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Staying Active

How Dancing Improves Overall Health

Humans have recognized the power of dance for centuries. We dance to celebrate a union, a birth or rites of passage; sometimes it’s also a form of prayer. But until recently, scientists didn’t realize that the health benefits of dancing include physiological and emotional perks beyond what you might get …

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Sports Injury

Shin Splints: What You Need to Know

If your shins throb when you’re running — or even while standing for too long in one place. It could be a familiar culprit: shin splints. The term refers to an aching sensation along the shin bone, which runs down the front of your lower leg. And according to David Tomsich, …

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Fitness Tips & Tricks
Not Exercising Enough? 12 Hacks to Get You Moving

Not Exercising Regularly? 12 Hacks to Get You Moving

Even if you enjoy exercise, finding the time and energy to hit the gym for a 60-minute workout can be a challenge. Despite our best intentions, nearly 80 percent of us fall short of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation of 150 minutes of aerobic and strength training …

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Fitness Tips & Tricks
Medicine Ball Workout

Medicine Ball Workouts: Pros and Cons

From the ThighMaster to Buns of Steel videos to step aerobics, most workout trends and tools come and go with the times. But for years, one piece of equipment has remained popular with athletes, physical therapists, trainers and other fitness professionals: the medicine ball. They’re pretty similar to old-school balls …

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Making Health a Priority
Stay Fit with Exercise Snacks

Stay Fit with Snack-Sized Exercise

Most people know there’s a strong link between regular exercise and longevity. In fact, several studies show that exercise is not only good for your physical health, it may also help sharpen your mind and improve your mood. Trouble is, between around-the-clock work schedules, family obligations and household responsibilities, finding …

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