Preventing Osteoporosis
4 Ways for Women to Improve Bone Health

4 Ways Women Can Improve Bone Health

When you break a bone as a kid, it’s no big deal – you get a cast, your friends sign it, and in a few weeks you’re all healed up. As you get older, your bones weaken, and your body doesn’t bounce back from an injury the way it used …

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Health Questions
5 Signs of a Brain Tumor

5 Symptoms of Brain Tumors

In the medical world, some conditions are harder to spot and explain than others. Such is the case with brain tumors. To date, little is known about what causes certain brain tumors to form. Nor do we fully understand why certain risk factors such as age increase a person’s chance …

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Sleep Issues
6 Ways to Stop Snoring

6 Ways To Stop Snoring

Everyone knows that getting a quality night’s sleep can be a game changer. Studies consistently show that clocking in a solid seven to nine hours (the recommended shut-eye for adults, according to the National Sleep Foundation) can lead to improvements in mental health, physical health, brain function and more. But …

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Wellness Trends
CBD oil explained

CBD Oil Explained

CBD, or cannabidiol, is seemingly everywhere, from food and beverages to lotions, potions and creams. You can buy CBD oil in health food stores, pharmacies or even your favorite online retailer. But just because these products are readily available doesn’t mean they’re effective. They may not contain what they state …

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Understanding Your Options
Minimally Invasive Surgery: How it Works

Minimally Invasive Surgery: How It Works

Surgery has come a long way since the days when a routine trip to the operating room would require a long, painful incision and many days recovering in the hospital. Modern minimally invasive surgery uses unique small tools that allow surgeons to safely perform these same procedures through small openings.  …

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Taking Charge of Your Health
What's In Your Medical Record? Be Sure to Check

What’s In Your Online Medical Record?

Online patient portals give you access to your own health information and medical records, empowering you to take a more active role in your own health care. Many physician practices and health systems have begun offering portals such as MyChart, which makes it easy for patients to: Get test results …

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Chronic Back Pain
When does back pain need surgery

When Does Back Pain Mean Surgery?

According to the National Institutes of Health, about 80 percent of adults will experience back or neck pain at some point during their lifetime. Unfortunately, for 20 percent of people in that group, acute back or neck pain will become an ongoing health problem. “If back pain isn’t managed the …

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Healthy Sleep Habits
How to Nap Like a Pro

How to Nap Like a Pro

Getting sufficient shut-eye is as important to health, well-being and even shedding unwanted pounds, as diet and exercise. In fact, adequate sleep directly affects your ability to eat well, move and de-stress. But when you’re short on sleep, are you more likely to reach for a supersized latte to get …

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Coping with Breast Cancer
Breast Reconstruction FAQs

Breast Reconstruction FAQs

There are some topics that many women expect to discuss with their doctor at some point in their lives, but, for most, breast reconstruction surgery isn’t one of them.  Yet for many breast cancer patients, developing a reconstructive surgery plan after a mastectomy or lumpectomy is a welcome conversation. What’s …

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Getting Better Sleep
Can an App Help Improve My Sleep?

Can an App Help Improve Your Sleep?

Mobile apps and wearable technology help us track everything from how many steps we take to how many calories are in our favorite milkshake. Over the past decade, app developers have moved beyond fitness and food to explore other areas of wellness, such as mindfulness, mood and how much time …

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