Staying Fit

Maximize Your Treadmill Time

We’re designed to run, but on dark, dreary days, you may prefer to stay in shorts and a T-shirt and do so where it’s warm: indoors! Treadmills offer a convenient, challenging and calorie-burning workout, all in a self-created environment complete with favorite tunes, an engrossing novel, even a favorite TV …

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Fitness on a Budget

Low-Cost Tips to Get Fit

Think getting fit requires a pricey gym membership, personal trainer or expensive athletic equipment? You think like most Americans. Many people avoid exercise because they think it costs too much money. The reality: you can build a better body even when you’re on a budget. From workouts using your own …

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Maximizing Your Fitness

Why Lifting Weights Is As Important As Cardio

When it comes to weight loss and getting in shape, there’s no shortage of conflicting opinions. But here’s one thing that everyone should agree on: lifting weights and strength training have to go along with any cardio activity. This one-two punch is necessary for a properly balanced fitness approach. But …

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