Navigating Healthcare

How to Advocate for a Loved One

A hospital can be a confusing place. Long, seemingly endless hallways, foreign medical jargon and a sea of medical professionals can leave patients feeling lost and overwhelmed. As healthcare professionals, we do our best to help patients navigate their hospital stay or medical treatment. Another key asset to the care …

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Preventing Emergencies

Swim Safely: Tips for Being Smart in the Water

For many, summer in Michigan means cooling off in the water. Whether it’s a pool, the lake, or a river, all three have lurking dangers that can turn a fun day into tragedy in a matter of seconds. What’s worse, many drownings occur without any obvious signs of distress, making …

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Safety Tips

Lawn Maintenance Shouldn’t Be Dangerous

The humble lawn mower. It is a common household tool used for a common household chore. So it might be natural that people tend to forget that it can also be a dangerous machine – one that kills or causes serious injury to about 70,000 people each year, according to …

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Injury Prevention

Before You DIY: Safety Tips for Home Improvement

As the weather continues to get nicer, people are heading outside and working on home improvement projects. Unfortunately, emergency rooms see a rise in patients injuring themselves in ways that were completely preventable during this time of year too. While I can’t cover every possible scenario in this post, there …

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Healthy Families

It’s Bike Season: How to Stay Safe and Have Fun

Spring is here! After a long, cold winter, everyone is eager to enjoy the warmth of the sun. For our children, spring means it’s time to dust off the bicycle and hit the road. Unfortunately, as the warmer weather hits, emergency rooms (ERs) tend to see an increase in injuries …

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