Understanding Your Body
Your Dentist and Your Health

What Your Dentist Can Tell You About Your Health

Could your mouth be the window to your overall health? That may be taking it a bit far, but your mouth is one of the first places in your body that can indicate if you are sick or have an underlying health problem. For this reason, regular dental check-ups are an important part of maintaining health …

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World Smile Day
The Surprising Health Benefits of Smiling

Surprising Health Benefits of Smiling

Whether you call it a grin, smirk, beam or smile, there’s no denying the feel-good power of this happy facial expression. We are born with the ability to smile, yet as we age, we smile less often. Research shows that children smile an average of 400 times per day, compared …

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Stress Management

How to Truly Rest and Recharge on Vacation

If taking some time away from work or school may seem like the best way to recharge your batteries, then why do we so often feel like we need a vacation right after our vacation? Whether it’s because of not enough preparation, tight travel schedules or the fact that we …

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World Kindness Day

Boost Your Health with Acts of Kindness

World Kindness Day is recognized on November 13 of each year, and on that day, you might think of iconic figures like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. These figures lived their lives in service to others sharing acts of kindness and compassion. What might surprise you, is that research shows …

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Summer Safety Tips

Alternative Mosquito Repellent Options

The sun on your face. Warm breezes. Water play. Roasting marshmallows by a campfire. Outdoor grilling. They’re some of summer’s highlights, until mosquitoes crash the party. When that happens, well, it’s enough to make one wish the season of fun and sun away – or make a beeline for the indoors. It’s not …

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The Benefits of Exercise

The Science of Fitness: Does Exercise Change Your DNA?

There’s little doubt that focusing on fitness will make a big impact on your heart health, waistline, diabetes risk, stroke risk, cancer risk … the list could go on and on. The exact reason as to why exercise is so good for us has long confused even the experts. But …

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Stress Management

Stress 9-1-1: How To Save Your Health (and Your Sanity!)

While stress is an inevitable part of life, too much stress can be a major roadblock to your health and well-being. A recent study in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes even found that the combination of stress and depression was associated with a nearly 50% greater chance of …

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leap year

Leap Toward Your Best Self: 5 Ways to Spend Feb. 29

Leap Day was created to be an astronomical catch up strategy: It takes 365.25 days for the Earth to rotate around the sun. But since a calendar year is only 365 days, adding a Leap Day every four years helps us make up for the quarter day error. The bonus? …

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Heart Health

The Best Way To Monitor Blood Pressure At Home

Getting an accurate blood pressure reading at home is as easy as finding the right machine and learning how to use it. There are several models and options on the market to choose from, so talk to your doctor about finding a reliable device that right for you. If you’re …

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Understanding Hypertension

What Does Salt Have To Do With Blood Pressure?

February is American Heart Month, so you may be hearing a lot in the media about high blood pressure, among other factors, that contribute to your risk for heart disease. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is crucial to sustaining the vitality of your organs and body systems. And yet, more …

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