Family Wellness

A New Tool to Teach Kids Healthy Habits

It’s not always easy for young kids to understand the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, or why they should turn off the TV and go play, instead. But a new app developed by Henry Ford Health System is hoping to change that by teaching kids, through fun games and …

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Active Lifestyles

The Dangers of Sitting Too Much (And What to Do About It)

For many of us, the average day involves a lot of time spent sitting. At our desk for most of the workday. In the car during our commutes or running errands. On the bleachers at the kids’ sporting events. On the couch with our remotes, iPads or books in hand. …

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Eating Healthy
portion size

Portion Distortion: Why It’s A Big(ger) Deal

History has brought us countless advancements in science, technology and social progress. But one thing we didn’t count on? How much more we’d be eating! Serving size has skyrocketed over the years, and for those counting calories (and even those who aren’t), that can spell trouble. But don’t worry, awareness …

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Anytime, Anywhere

5 Quick Exercises You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

Getting in a good workout at the gym is great…if you can make it there. But having a hectic schedule shouldn’t mean having to neglect your fitness. Luckily, there are lots of ways to fit a little exercise into your day. Here are 5 quick, no-frills exercises that you can …

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Fruits & Veggies

Easy Ways To Fit Fruits & Vegetables Into Your Diet

With so many of us living the on-the-go lifestyle, it’s easy to skimp on the most important part of our daily diets: fruits and vegetables! It’s easy to eat packaged foods at our desks or in our cars, so it feels convenient. But it’s easier to eat healthy than you …

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Winter Fitness

Stay in Shape While Staying Indoors

You may love gazing at the snowflakes, but trekking through the slush is another story. There are safer ways to get a winter workout—by staying indoors. Find Fitness Indoors It’s always smart to get your doctor’s approval before you start an exercise program, says Michael Dunn, M.D. This is especially …

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Fitness Tips

Choosing the Right Type of Exercise for You

Choosing the right type of exercise can depend on different factors. Among the most important of those should be whether or not you enjoy doing a particular type of exercise, or whether you simply cannot stand it. Doing an exercise you enjoy is essential for it to be successful and …

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