National Diabetes Month

Coping with a Diabetes Diagnosis

A diabetes diagnosis can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t guarantee a lifetime of painful injections or that you’ll never eat ice cream again. Rather, it’s a wake up call to ditch destructive lifestyle habits. When you have diabetes, sugar from food (a.k.a., glucose) that should be shuttled to the cells …

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Maintaining a Healthy Weight

6 Ways To Maintain Your Weight This Holiday Season

Starting with that big bowl of Halloween candy sitting on your kitchen counter, this time of year marks a few months of gatherings with family and friends, exchanging gifts and indulging in your favorite holiday treats. But before you forgo your fruits and veggies for cookies, stuffing and other holiday …

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Raising Healthy Kids
Boy playing on tablet who suffers from childhood obesity

Childhood Obesity: Do You Know The Risks?

The rates of childhood obesity have skyrocketed in recent years, and it’s no wonder. Between busy academic and social calendars and more time spent in front of screens, children are less active than they used to be. They’re also more stressed. The natural outlet for stress is exercise, but with …

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Fitness Trends

6 Reasons to Try a Rowing Workout

First Spin classes took the gym world by storm; then fitness enthusiasts focused their attention on dance-inspired workouts like Zumba and barre. The latest craze hitting the gym circuit: rowing. Technically of course rowing itself isn’t new, but rowing studios and classes are, and these are cropping up across the …

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Better Nutrition

Healthy Hacks: 10 Food Swaps that Don’t Sacrifice Flavor

You might think cooking and eating more healthfully means a total change in the dishes you love and the ingredients you normally use. But the reality is that there are tons of food swaps that help you keep the flavor with less fat, fewer calories, and more nutrients. “It can …

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Active Lifestyles
olympic sports

Fun & Fitness: Olympic Sports Anyone Can Try

Have you caught Olympic fever? The Summer Games are in full swing, and you already know Olympic sports like beach volleyball, swimming, basketball and track-and-field offer heart-pumping perks. But consider the not-shown-in-primetime events, like archery, trampolining, or even discontinued sports like tug-of-war. These are full of potential for backyard fun …

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Staying Active

Can Gardening Count as Exercise?

The benefits of gardening go far beyond connecting to nature and creating a beautiful yard. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gardening qualifies as exercise. In fact, getting out in the yard for just 30-45 minutes can burn up to 300 calories. Routine garden upkeep activities, such …

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Weight Management

Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight? You might be able to do it in your sleep. According to Philip Cheng, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and research scientist at the Sleep Disorders and Research Center at Henry Ford Health System, there is a direct link between too little or too much sleep and issues …

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Maximizing Workouts

Amp Up Your Workouts with Plyometrics

One of the best ways to amp up your fitness game is by incorporating childhood pastimes—hopping, skipping, jumping—into your weekly routine. Dubbed plyometrics, these activities use explosive motions to build power, strength and performance. Unlike typical strength training exercises designed to build muscle mass, plyometric training involves rapid-fire movements that …

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Tired & Stressed: Is Your ‘New Normal’ Making You Sick?

To change any behavior, we first have to be aware of it. Sounds simple, right? But as humans, we have the ability to acclimate, constantly creating a “new normal” which challenges our ability to recognize when our status quo has changed. “When we acclimate, we adjust to a new status …

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